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New Rim Custom Light Fixture

New custom light fitting from the team at Skialight

New Darf Light Fitting from Wever Ducre

The designers MARCH GUT and architect Philipp Weinberger have taken less-is-more to a whole new level with DARF. Thanks to its slim design, the sleek luminaire is perfect for modern living or office spaces. A flexible hanging system makes this work from any height you choose. The system allows the tubular luminaire to be positioned at will. By the way, DARF can create fantastic light objects as a similarly flexible wall luminaire. Hang several luminaires close together for breathtaking effects.

Latest 2021/2022 Moltoluce Catalogue now Available

Latest Moltoluce Architectural Lighting Catalogues now Available

Lightnet Basic A1 now with integral emergency for the 300mm Model

The Basic A1 by Skialight is a surface-mounted luminaire for walls or ceilings. The fact it can now have integral emergency make it ideal for commercial stair wells where integral emergency is needed. The spec of the fitting is as follows.  Direct only light distribution. Luminaire body made of aluminum profile. 6 different diameters from 300mm to 1200mm. Surface white, silver, graphite, black, champagne or copper coated. Further surface options see Lightnet-Surface-Collection or RAL of your choice. Microprismatic screen with optimized glare reduction especially for workplaces. Satin opal diffuser for general lighting with maximum transmittance and homogeneous lighting. Converter integrated into luminaire housing, optionally switchable or dimmable (1-10V, DALI, Touch-Dim, Casambi). Colour temperatures 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K or 6500K. Binning initial ≤ MacAdam 3. Colour rendering CRI>80 or CRI>90. On request: Integration of emergency lighting components and sensor technology

Free Online Lighting Learning

Given the current Covid-19 situation we are now offering online presentations. Our 45 minute presentation allows you to see the latest lighting innovations in the comfort of your own office / home office  and learn about important topics such as colour temperature, glare control, dimming protocols and colour rendering, to name but a few. It will ensure your architectural designs will have the most up to date led lighting innovations and perform as expected. We are able to adapt the presentation to your area of speciality be it residential, commercial, retail, art galleries, bars and restaurants or mixed use.

New Loum Lighting Catalogue 2020

Check out the latest architectural lighting solutions from Moltoluce. Distributed in the UK by Skialight

Office Fit Outs – tips to avoid mistakes

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, office fit outs and the redesign of office spaces and how people work and interact within these spaces will need to definitely be considered. As the lockdown eases and people go back to the office, depending on the size of the space or size of the company, how people are sat within office buildings will need a massive rethink. Quite simply, gone will be the days now of people sat literally next to one another as companies will need to comply with the new rules and advice set out by the government.


Whether you may have just found the right office or whether you may already have an office full of staff and you’re unsure of what to do next, here are some key tips of how fit the space out. Whether this is your first office fit out or you are now seeing your hand turned in these unpredictable times, it never hurts to review the essentials.


With all of this in mind, here are four critical fit-out mistakes that you should avoid at all costs should you be about to embark on an office fit out:


Not being realistic about your budget


This is perhaps the most important factor. Too many business jump into this process and hire an office fit out company without properly accounting as to how much they can afford. Businesses often intend to pay for the project with the assumption their budget will cover everything, though day-to-day operations are invariably full of surprises. Even if you hire a top office fit out company with a quotation free of surprises, you still can’t predict what will happen operationally in the short term. It is therefore critical you budget for the fit-out in detail rather than assuming you’ll be able to afford the entire project.


Not following your landlords requirements


All landlords will have in place some sort of guideline to advise on what alterations can be made to their workspace. These will need to be carefully studied ahead of proceeding with full-on office fit out. They should include specific requirements for architects and engineers so they now how to be fully compliant during any changes being made. These will very likely be highly specialised guidelines, so make sure you go over these with a specialist who can applicably interpret them properly.


Trying to manage this process yourself


This is a common mistake. You may have worked in offices throughout your professional life, so you assume you know what it takes to make your office fit out a success. However, there is a lot more to this. An Interior fit out company does this work on a daily basis, so they know what will be most important to your team. They’ll help from start to finish, from determining how many power and data points you need to selecting furniture that will fit with the current set up in place.


Assuming all office fit out companies are all the same


In looking for the ideal office fit out company, never work on the assumption that one will be as good as the next. Different contractors have different experience sets and areas of specialisation. Look into hiring office fit out specialists who know your industry as well as the area in which you are based. This will allow them to create the perfect overall work environment whilst connecting you with local manufacturers, distributors and subcontractors who will be able to help bring the project to completion.




Above all, just remember that fitting out an office is a complex task that requires the attention of experts. If you would like to find out how we may be able to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are one of the most accomplished architectural lighting companies and supplies in London, and we’ll see to it that your project comes off without a hitch. 

Office Lighting – ways to convert your office

In the future, many us will continue to work from home. This may be out of choice or to ensure the safety of ourselves and others in the shared office or merely through operational change and cost cutting as we see a rise of remote working. What is certain, at least for the foreseeable future, is that office working, as we know it is about to change.


There are signs of countries beginning to relax lockdowns and there are millions of people now returning to work. However, the path ahead is precarious and we must do are upmost to minimise the spread of the virus.


Desk space


Social distancing will likely continue for many months and this will likely apply to office environments too. Office desks have decreased in size over the decades, from 1.8 metre to 1.4 metre so it may be likely that we’ll see a reverse of the shrinking desk. Alternatively, staff can have one empty desk between them so days in the office will have to be alternated. These presence of sneeze screens in the office will be a great deal more likely.


Where hot-desking may continue, the big question here will we keep them clean? As well as the obvious solutions, such as hand sanitizer, there are other simple solutions such as a paper placemat which staff have to throw away at the end of each day.


End of Open-Plan?


For decades, open plan offices have become the norm, encouraging an open and sociable working environment. This may be about to end with individual offices being created. This can be done fairly simply with partitioning. To be able to keep in place the open feel, this may be achieved using a glass option.




Rather like road signs, office spaces may be about to have visual clues to keep your distance. Airport-like wayfinding may become the norm in most office environments.




Companies may be required to invest in specialist new contactless technology to reduce transmission. Once example of this is called ‘contactless corridors’ in which employees rarely need to touch the building. Doors open automatically using motion sensors and lifts can also be ordered from a smartphone handset.


Fresh Air


Ventilation can help reduce the spread of the virus so perhaps in the future we will see office windows being opened rather than closed. If filtered air becomes the only option, high end air purifiers could well become the only and main overall option.




In times where offices may have looked to open up the space between members of staff in offices, it may now be the case where these spaces will be spending money to enclose spaces once again. These working spaces may need to be made more enclosed so key members of staff are not so exposed to one another. Conferencing will also likely need to change so gone may be the way of having tens of delegates in a room at any one time. 

New 2020 Architectural Catalogue from Wever Ducre

We are please to announce a new lighting catalogue. This range is great for residential achitectural lighting solutions. Please email for more information.

New Dialux Plugin

The following architectural lighting ranges have a dialux plugin
to download please click on links below.

Lightnet Architectural Lighting Dialux Plugin

Molto luce Architectural Lighting Dialux Plugin
Simon Architectural Lighting Dialux Plugin

Illuxtron Launch a new Architectural Lighting Catalogue

Check out the latest lighting innovations from Illuxtron. Feauring the amazing Bartenbach Lens Technology.

Lightnet Custom Finishes

Lightnet distributed by Skialight in the UK now has a large range of custom finishes to make your projects stand out from the crowd. Moreover we can match any finish. Now available in the following standard finishes (others available on request) Snow White, Ivory White, Radiant Silver, Natural Anodised, Urban Graphite, Jet Black, Silk Grey, Stone Grey, Silver Champagne, Cozy Copper, Stalwart Rust, Architectural Bronze, Satin Titanium, Gunmetal Steel, Ash Concrete, Satin Copper, Dark Oak, Caramel Oak, Satin Silver, Vintage Brass and Polished Aluminium. Please contact our sales department on sales@skialight for more details.

Lightnet Archictectural Lighting now 5 Year Warranty

Lightnet distributed by Skialight in the United Kingdom now has a 5 year warranty on its led architectural lighting range. To view terms click on link below.

Petridis Lighting New Architectural Lighting Catalogue

Petridis Lighting have just launched a new complete set of architectural lighting catalogues. To view / download as pdf click on link below. If you need hard copy please email 

Lightnet Lighting Launch a New Catalogue

Discover the new Lightnet catalogue as PDF for download. On about 500 pages, Lightnet presents the entire product range with exciting new lighting products, countless possibilities for individualisation and smart technology. 

You can download the new catalogue as a PDF file from our download area.

Light + Building Frankfurt am Main - September 27th - 2nd October 2020 CANCELLED

Light + Building is a biennial architectural design and technology trade fair mainly focused on the fields of lighting, electrical engineering, building automation, and civil-engineering software. A number of our architectural lighting manufacturers we distribute will be exhibiting. Please mention Skialight when visiting the stands. For those not visiting Light + Building we will be updating our website with all the new architectural lighting products after the Fair.

Lightnet - Hall 4.2 Stand E31
Castan - Hall 4.2 Stand C40

AQ Form - Hall 4,2 Stand E50

Petridis - Hall 4.2 Stand H11
Illuxtron - Hall 4.2 Stand A51
Ivela - Hall 3.0 Stand A91

Wever Ducre - Hall 3 Stand D10B
Molto Luce - Hall 1.2 Stand 51
Simon - Hall 1,2 Stand C50

Slamp - Hall 1,2 Stand A20


Tips to improve your office lighting

Lighting plays a major role in an office's design and, just like the layout of an office, it can have a huge impact to the people who work in this space.


Lighting can influence everything from how people make decisions – brighter lighting causes people to respond more emotionally – to how well people sleep at night; dim lighting causes restless sleep. Lighting design is so often overlooked when it comes to office design, but it can have a significant impact on the health of your staff and overall company image.


Here are a number of ways that having well considered and set up office lighting can impact on the wellbeing and productivity of staff. After all, good office lighting can also help you relay a good impression on clients.


1. Fitting LEDs will save money and provide a better quality of light


Fluorescent tubes have long been the bulb of choice for offices as they are cheap to buy and fit, suitable to be installed in suspended ceilings and can light large areas. They do however incur flickering and bulbs becoming dimmer with age, meaning the quality of light can be poor, meaning over time they are far from ideal for office environments.


LED lighting is by far the popular alternative for offices. They have been seen as an expensive option for offices, but are more cost-effective than fluorescent lighting.


They are a great deal more energy efficient than fluorescent tubes as they last far longer and use much less energy to operate. Additionally, they don’t contain mercury and other chemicals found in fluorescents, which can be harmful to the environment. As a result of these developments and enhancements, fluorescent lighting is almost no longer used in the UK.

2. Utilise natural light


This is one of the best assets in office design as it can make an office look instantly brighter and more welcoming. It should take the lead, with artificial lighting increasing the light to sufficient levels helping people feel more connected to the outside world whilst being able to work comfortably. Good levels of daylight in an office can increase productivity and sales by up to 40% and creativity by 15%. Employees who have more exposure to natural light sleep longer, exercise more and have a better quality of life than if exposed to weaker lighting levels. It's been said that commercial buildings with no windows are worth about 20% less in rent than those with windows; it’s well worth considering utilising natural light as much as possible in an office. Lighting an office naturally can cut energy costs too; more natural light means less artificial light is required and lower energy bills.


Daylight integrated lighting control systems help regulate the level of artificial light in response to the level of natural light in a space. As a result, artificial light will be automatically dimmed depending on how much natural light is present.


3. Install a lighting control system


Lighting control systems can help save energy in an office building as they respond to how each area of the office is used. Adding one of these systems into an office redesign or fit out means you can get better efficiency of any new lighting that has been installed in terms of performance and energy saving capabilities.


Lighting control systems will also help you to save money by regulating the lighting in different areas of your office. Areas not in constant use, such as corridors, toilets and meeting rooms, will benefit from a lighting control system as this will ensure these areas are only lit when people are present. Occupancy control sensors ensure that the areas are lit when in use and that lights are switched off when they are not needed.


Lighting control systems also enable a level of flexibility to the level of lighting that is vital in modern offices. Dimmer switches can be installed to control light levels in meeting rooms where projectors are used.


Blinds and window dressings can also be considered for lighting control. Perforated blinds maintain the view outside of a window whilst redirecting sunlight onto the ceiling.


4. Lighting suitable for every task


Modern offices demands their own type of lighting to suit the requirements of its workers. It’s vital that lighting is incorporated well so your employees can work comfortably and effectively. Open plan offices can easily become flooded with artificial light as ceiling lighting has to be strong enough to illuminate people’s desks. This can lead to glare from overhead fluorescent lighting and over-illumination, both of which can have a negative impact on people’s health and a waste of energy.


Lighting should be layered to avoid over-illumination. Instead of all the light coming from the ceiling, this general lighting is layered with ambient and task lighting, to allow greater control of how an individual’s workspace is lit. Event an adjustable desk lamp can provide extra light when working on specific tasks and adjustable floor lamps can enable an individual to personalise their lighting.


5. Use lighting to zone different areas


Lighting can be a great way to help relay your brand values and complement your office design to create a strong and clear, impressive first impression. It can help to define different areas in an open plan office, optimising the space available.


Office lighting has more influence on company productivity than you think. Though often an overlooked aspect of office interiors, installing correct lighting can make staff feel more relaxed and focused while also creating an inviting atmosphere for guests. Consider good office lighting to also be an investment in your staff’s health and productivity. Poor office lighting ideas can cause health issues like migraines and fatigue which can lower their quality of work and effectiveness or even increase the number of sick days taken. Don't delay this investment; invest wisely today and your business will see no end of benefits.

New Slamp Architectural Lighting Catalogue

Check out the New 2019 / 2020  Slamp Architectural Lighting Catalogue. You can either download from here as a pdf or contact us to arrange a catalogue to be sent out to you.

New Wever Ducre Architectural Lighting Catalogue

Check out the New 2019 / 2020  Wever Ducre Architectural Lighting Catalogue. You can either download from here as a pdf  or contact us to arrange a catalogue to be sent out to you.

Lighting in retail - designing for success

When setting up your retail store, there are a lot of questions to answer: how to best display your products, where certain products should go, how the general layout of your store should look, and much more. All of these elements play their part in helping to create the ultimate shopping experience for shoppers.


But what about lighting design? While lighting may be an afterthought for many retailers who are just starting out, good quality and well installed retail lighting can provide much more than simple ambiance. This basic utility can also impact your sales and customer experience. For example, it can be used to highlight flagship products and displays and highlight POS areas to significant effect.


A recent study from Lux suggests that in-store lighting can actually help guide customers through your store, and increase the average spend per customer: “Zumtobel claims a fashion retailer in Germany saw its sales go up by around 12% compared to another local store, after it installed a new lighting scheme specially designed to appeal to the personality profile of its target customers.”


So, how can you leverage your lighting design to bolster your bottom line? Let’s take a look at how you can create a lighting strategy that will work for your store and your products.


How you hang your lighting, where you direct your lighting, the type of lighting you install, even through to how many lighting fixtures you install all play their part in how well your store is able to work. Good lighting in the first instance and well thought out displays make no end of difference in getting footfall through the door in the first place. Utilizing the fixtures and fittings and creating a clear flow within your store will pay dividends in creating the ultimate shopping experience.

Architectural Lighting in the workplace

Lighting your office efficiently and effectively makes great sense and is a great investment for any business. Though you may need to keep within a budget, this shouldn’t be treated as another business overhead. The ideal lighting solution will have a considerable impact on the office environment and play its part in creating a more productive workforce.


The overall office environment has a significant impact on the performance and productivity of staff at work in a variety of ways. One of the most influential factors in the office environment is the lighting. From concentration to satisfaction levels, studies have shown that an individual’s health, well-being and performance at work can be influenced greatly from the quality of the lighting.


From eye strain to headaches, a worker’s health and wellbeing can be adversely affected by poor lighting. There are a number of other ways it can also take effect. From wakefulness to contentment, well-designed lighting does much more than address simple health and safety requirements. Office worker satisfaction and productivity can be positively affected by well designed and integrated lighting.


Our exposure to light is responsible for sleeping and feeling well and as such, influences our productivity. Today, most people work indoors and when there is a lack of natural light, our body clock loses pace. This can create a knock on effect, resulting in tiredness and listlessness. Lighting is therefore much more than simple illumination as it can inspire and establish a set mood.

Article on the Prominence of Architectural Lighting

Lighting plays a major role in how we experience the architecture around us. Whether buildings and structures are lit naturally or artificially, it is the medium that enables for us to see and appreciate the beauty in the buildings in which we are present.

Architectural Lighting is able to bring an emotional value to architecture, helping to create an experience for those who occupy the space. Without lighting, architecture may not carry the impact intended. Whether it’s daylighting or artificial lighting, it draws attention to textures, colors, and forms of a space. Vision is what enables us to enjoy architecture, and lighting enhances the way we perceive architecture even more.

To create a successful balance between lighting and architecture, there are three key aspects of architectural lighting being aesthetic, function, and efficiency. Aesthetic is where architects focus on the impact the lighting and architecture will have on its occupants. Its then down to designers to determine how they want people to feel within a space. This is especially important in retail environments; exterior lighting should draw the consumer in, and the interior lighting should offer a sense of inspiration as they walk through the doors in addition to showing off product.

Function is equally key and cannot be overlooked. We want the lighting to look a certain way, though we also have to make sure it serves its most important purpose, to help us see. Areas should be illuminated so we feel safe as we navigate a room or entire building. We should be able to see the floor and walls, to help create a feeling of reassurance.

The final aspect is somewhat vital in the current day and age of green building and sustainability movements. It’s one thing to create a breathtaking lighting layout, but it’s another to create one which is also energy efficient. This can be done by simply ensuring there is minimal wasted light. Reducing the amount of wasted light ensures greater energy efficiency, which can be helped by installing LEDs instead of fluorescent lighting. From a technical point of view, there is less wasted light with LEDs than fluorescent due to the directional nature of LEDs.

New Architectural Lighting Catalogue

Check out the New 2019 / 2020  Moltoluce Architectural Lighting Catalogue. You can either download from here as a pdf  or contact us to arrange a catalogue to be sent out to you..

Pendant with adjustable beam

Thin Pendant with Adjustable Beam  Angle . Available in Black or White. 2700k Led

Custom Curved Profile

Custom made led architectural lighting profile incorporating moss as an example. You could also incorporate acoustic panels

Low Glare Led

Only 10mm wide trimless led downlight with Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 16.

Glare free Pendant

Pendant  with a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 16..

Trimless Wall Light

Trimless Architectural Light Fitting. The fitting is fabricated of plasterboard so needs to be tape and jointed

Trimless Downlight

Completely trimless  plaster in fitting

Flow of People

Use light fittings to determine the flow of people within a retail space

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