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Slamp  Lighting

When Roberto Ziliani set up Slamp in 1994, his aim was to create something new in the Italian design arena. Where his designs were typically eccentric with a close link with nature, he strived to offer high quality lamps, where an artisan’s eye for detail would meet the excellence of industrial production. The products were to be made out of patented and innovative materials that were going to be unique and immediately recognizable.


Robert Ziliani gathered together some of the greatest international designers such as Mendini, Cibic, Dalisi, Garro, Munari and the “Slamp Tube” was created in its many graphical versions. Still to this day, they are noted for collaborating with some of the leading designers to ensure they are at the cutting edge of lighting design and continually building on the most recent design trends.


Since then, Slamp’s growth has never stopped and it is one of the most representative brand names in the field of decorative designer lighting. It is an actual point of reference for anyone wishing to possess a much sought-after, original or exclusive object as it is available to everyone. In fact, they are currently perceived to be one of the most iconic brand names in the decorative designer lighting arena.


The success of Slamp is in its focus for working with new materials, experimentation and trust in one’s instincts yet always relying on futuristic engineering solutions. For example, the company has created its own patented materials such as Optalflex and Lentilflex which are also environmentally friendly and conform to the international environmental protection standards.


Slamp is made up from the perfect marriage between inspiration from other designers and its own visionary outlook along with great passion and undeniable skills. These are very much the prerequisites for the young designers on the Slamp Creative Team and what continues to keep this brand at the forefront of architectural lighting today.

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