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Bespoke Lighting


We work on a wide variety of bespoke, custom design lighting projects large and small and across a great variety of sector types. From retail to office lighting and right through to highly unique residential lighting projects, we have been able to come up with and create highly unique lighting arrangements to compliment a great variety of interior spaces. Whether you know right away what you want to achieve or you want to create something new and unique, we can help bring your idea to life.


We relish the challenge of helping our clients create something compelling and unique through a visually distinctive lighting arrangement. We will do this to suit any type of interior / interior design and within a super quick turnaround time to meet any project deadline. As a company, Skialight also has a very strong and complete network of lighting supply partners where we can source any required product to meet any budget. We can customise standard product for example with new ral finish. Lightnet for example can ral spray in custom finishes and even anodise an alumnium profile to match other finishes and do custom lengths and curves to order. Click Here to see the Lightnet Range


Given the whole unique nature of bespoke lighting custom to your projects requirements, we have dedicated personnel to ensure your project is able to run smoothly from start to finish. We are blessed in being flexible when it comes to collaborating with other professionals and technically astute in terms of the way we will think about how to deliver your project to a high overall standard.


Overall, when it comes to bespoke lighting, speak to Skialight as we really can bring any idea to life to fit with any application or within any residential or commercial space. We are very passionate about our work and giving our clients a design and finish which works.

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