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Spa Lighting


A spa experience is something of a luxury which everyone looks forward to. It is certainly something of a luxury. These environments are the perfect place to switch off and relax in as well as de-stress. In turn, they tend to be furnished to a very high standard and high end design – with the lighting very much a part of the spa experience in terms of how these spaces are able to work.


Lighting is a major component in how a spa can relay a unique environment of great ambience. All of the main areas within a spa need their lighting to work at its best to help create the perfect looking interior space which is able to function to a high level for its visitors.


Areas such as the spa reception, swimming pools, changing rooms, treatment rooms and even the steam and sauna rooms need their lighting to be installed in the best possible ways. It needs to be remembered what visitors want from such a place. Of course there are the facilities, though frequenters of spas are looking for a sensory experience through sound, sight, smell, touch, and perhaps taste. Lighting therefore has an invaluable part to play in creating all-important atmosphere in a spa.


With that in mind, wall-mounted uplights, downlights, and bi-directional up-and-down lights are great for accenting décor and creating mood. Discreet recessed ceiling downlights can be directed onto the many embellishing features of a spa. You can use light to define the space. Dimmer switches are great to help set the overall mood of a room; it might be said, somewhat pretentiously perhaps, that this creates a canvas or foil for subtler, gentler effects from decorative lights such as candles.


SkiaLight have the benefit of being well connected with a great variety of the top lighting manufacturers. We also benefit from being able to design and develop the perfect finish for any space thanks to the experience we have to date of working in these spaces.

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