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Climar Architectural Lighting by SKIALIGHT

Climar Lighting

Climar Lighting is a leading manufacturer which has been established since 1977. With currently around 130 employees and 15.000 square meters, the head office and manufacturing facilities are situated in Águeda.


We develop, in the way we work, a vision and objectives for the future far beyond ordinary conceptions, finding new ways to meet our customers' needs. We take great pride in improving their level of satisfaction through a systematic process of evolution with arguments such as flexibility, efficiency and fast service.


Light defines spaces, enhances colours, provides shape to objects and gives a voice to emotions.


As lighting manufacturers, they strive no end to make Climar an international benchmark, providing quality design and our clients satisfaction based on good relationships and fair value proposals. They are in fact the biggest manufacturer to the domestic market and they have been operating on an international scale since 1989.


Our daily inspiration comes from the stimulus of designing and developing the right solution to meet the environment conditions and technical specifications.

Please contact Skialight to find more about the Climar architectural lighting range.

Download Climar Lighting Catalogues

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