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Ivela Lighting

Established since 1986, Ivela Lighting is a market leader in the production, strictly made in Italy, of high quality architectural lighting fittings.​ They produce beautiful and unusual light fittings for a vast range of applications in commercial, industrial and residential settings.​

Ivela’s main are of specialism however, is high energy-saving lights. They work closely with top designers to produce striking light fittings, whilst ensuring that their lights comply with new energy saving guidelines as well as being suitable for each individual application.

As a member of Ecolight and with a high level of committment to delivering high energy-saving lighting, Ivela are dedicated to designing and manufacturing completely energy-efficient lighting. Their fittings have been manufactured with a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and having minimum impact on the environment, making their lights excellent for use in public and commercial settings.

Ivela Lighting have been manufacturing premium made lighting fixtures in Milan, Italy since 1986. Focusing primarily on the OEM side of the lighting industry, they have developed deep skills in R&D, engineering and product management. They boast having a massive, specialist production facility located in Liscate, on the outer suburbs of Milan.

Based on the manufacturing set up which they have developed over 30+ years, they are now approaching the Architectural lighting market with a strategic focus. They are looking to develop new families of luminaires to allow the design of connected interior and exterior spaces, as well as within combined retail and hospitality areas, providing a common design and technical performance. Their applications range from museums, art galleries and hotels to libraries, restaurants, shops and offices and more.

Please contact Skialight to find more about the Ivela Architectural Lighting range.

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