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Simon Architectural Lighting

Simon Architectural Lighting


Simon do a large range of contemporary architectural lighting. They are a leading brand at the forefront of architectural lighting as we see it today and a major brand which we specialise in.


It comprises in its range a series of luminaries which are adaptable to any space, offering creative freedom for any lighting project.


Founded in 2013, Simon has been able to benefit no end from the extensive R & D which they have undertaken to ensure their products are able to function to the very highest level. Likewise, this is a brand constantly looking forwards and developing its range and product capabilities.


With their products, design is an essential part of each product. They are not only attractive, but also provide convenience and ease of use, offering with this high lighting quality and the best performance in LED technology.

Please contact Skialight to find more about the Simon  Architectural Lighting range.

Download Simon Catalogues

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