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Petridis Architectural Lighting by SKIALIGHT

Petridis Lighting

PETRIDIS S.A. is a specialist, modern commercial and manufacturing company present in the lighting market which has been trading for nearly 55 years. Its production plant and warehouses are located in Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki and cover an area of 10.000 sqm.


Their products satisfy a wide range of internal and external lighting requirements. Their customers span multiple Industries, Banks, Hospitals, Sport Centers, Technical companies and Interior Design offices plus others. During the last years the company has adopted an investment program for the renewal of its product equipment and its plant.


This self-financed program will help the company to face increasing demands, increase its market share especially in the field of professional lighting and help maintain its leader status in this market, pioneering its quality and methods.


The company's philosophy is customer – human resources and product quality. This is a triptych with which Petridis Lighting is able to achieve its continuous improvement and development of their products.


Petridis S.A. have also likewise established international co-operations with the most known companies within the lighting industry with several agreements in place with them. The company closely monitors the international market developments in product design, product safety and operation cost reduction matters. This also includes those specially those that relate to the place that need professional lighting. 

Please contact Skialight to find more about the Petridis architectural lighting range.

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