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Illuxtron Lighting

Illuxtron International’s founders have a long history in the lighting industry. In 1975 Quinten van de Vrie Sr. laid out the foundation for the first E-27 spots. These quickly began to attract the attention of large companies because at the dawn of halogen technology in the early 1980s, the company gained momentum. Quinten van de Vrie Jr. continued the tradition with GU10 High Voltage Halogen lamps in 1995. It helped the company develop into an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partner for brands like Lumiance, Trilux, Eyeleds, Philips and Zumtobel Group. After successfully working in the halogen lighting industry, they discovered the opportunities the LED-lighting market had to offer. Quinten van de Vrie founded LedsProgress in 2009.


LedsProgress developed a range of high-end LED luminaires, which the company marketed as ‘Illuxtron’ brand products. Soon ‘Illuxtron’ was known for selling high-end products and is today a major brand in the architectural lighting market.

Over the years, LedsProgress grew from a small family business to an international company with more than 35 employees and selling lighting in over 40 countries. Because of the popularity of Illuxtron products and their quality, the company decided to change the company’s name from ‘LedsProgress’ to ‘Illuxtron International’ in July 2015. Today, Illuxtron International carries the brands ‘Illuxtron’ and ‘Eyeleds’.


Quinten van de Vrie founded the brand Eyeleds: ultra slim high-end design lighting for indoors and outdoors. He sold Eyeleds in 2008, shortly before starting LedsProgress. In 2013 LedsProgress repurchased the Eyeleds business unit. This presented the opportunity to significantly expand the product range and serve a broader target group.

As a brand, at the core of the products in their offering is the need to deliver comfort and ease of use without damaging the environment. Many years of experience in product development have resulted in a completely self-developed range of high-end luminaires.

Please contact Skalight to find more about the Illuxtron architectural lighting range.

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