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Hotel Lighting


The lighting of a hotel can really make and break the first impression a hotel is able to portray to its guests. Should you be looking to create the perfect initial impression, it is vital that the lighting is able to work in a “clever” way in terms of how it is able dim as day turns to evening and illuminate spaces like foyers, bar areas and dining areas.


Hotel lighting needs to deliver optimum efficiency and longevity due to the industry's 24/7, all year round nature. With its long lamp life and low energy consumption leading to improved running costs, LED illumination has become the preferred route. At Skialight, we are well equipped and experienced in helping with the design and supply for lighting in a great variety of hotel spaces.


Getting your lighting right really can help you create that great first impression to your guests. Lighting is a great way to enhance the exterior of your building and express your hotel's identity and also offers numerous security benefits. When it comes to lighting in a hotel environment, it is key to ensure it is also able to compliment the existing décor and furnishings and this too is something we will consider.


As a company, we are able to help you achieve the end look and feel design-wise so your hotel is able to impress its guests right from the moment they enter. No space is ever the same however we are flexible and forward thinking when it comes to helping you create the perfect interior in this type of environment

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