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Residential Lighting


We are able to offer full residential lighting design solutions for any size flat or house, large and small. There are a great number of innovative lighting solutions available nowadays which can go a long way in making a living space work all the more effectively within a home. When residential lighting is installed and set up with design and function in mind, this can often value to your property and create an added wow factor at the same time.


Regardless of the challenge in the first instance we can help. Whether you may have high ceilings, small rooms, dark corners or a blank canvas and you may be confused what to do next, this is where we will be able to add value to your project. When it comes down to it, it is the contrast between light and shade that makes a room look interesting – this is where we will help. The Moltoluce Residential lighting range (Click here) is a great lighting resource with the  low glare downlight blindspot. Click here for more information. Also the Wever Ducre Range is suited for Residential Lighting both interior and exterior - Click Here to download the latest Wever Ducre Architectural Lighting Catalogue

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