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Acoustic Lighting

Acoustic lighting creates optimally lit conditions and balanced room acoustics that enhance the overall feeling and well being you get from the space. You should always consider the chance to combine lighting with acoustics as lighting is often applied to the same locations and areas as acoustic products. At SkiaLight, thanks to the extensive range of lighting manufacturers we work alongside, we are able to help come up with and supply a great variety of acoustic lighting to work with a great variety of environments.


Commercial serving areas or meeting rooms or break out zones usually have a lighting scheme in place so if that area may be both busy and noisy it would make sense to consider he acoustical properties of the lighting in place above. Some acoustic lighting and lightcovers are made larger than standard sizes lightcovers with the purpose of being able to more effectively absorb the noise generated.


When it come to lighting of any sort, let alone acoustic lighting in a space, we will work hard to ensure added acoustic comfort within the space and help through the combination of aesthetically pleasing flexible design, balanced luminosity and efficient acoustics. People count light and room acoustics as the most important factors for their well-being in the workplace as well as in most residential environments.


Acoustic lighting can play a major role in offices, conference rooms, lobbies, open spaces any many other types of commercial spaces in which people closely congregate. No matter the age, size, scale and nature of the space in question, we will work flexibly to come up with the right design solution to work within your space. Lightnet do a large range of products incorporating acoustic panels. Click Here to see pdf catalogues. The Orbit range also feature some acoustic light fixtures. Click Here

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