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Colour Temperature

Extra warm white: <2700K

This colour temperature is pure mood lighting, which creates an atmosphere like that of a  candlelight. It can be used to create a more relaxing or romantic setting. Keep in mind that traditional incandescent bulbs have a color temperature about 2700K.


This is typical in environments such as living spaces such lounges and bedrooms as well as in restaurants etc.


Warm white: 2700 - 3300K

The warm white light colour is a recommended colour wherever it should be cozy and comfortable. With this colour, it may be beneficial to install additional warm white accent lights.


This is typical in environments such as households, gastronomy, hotel rooms etc.


Neutral white: 3300 - 5300K

Neutral white is the perfect light colour for areas with a high demand on concentration and visual performance. This light colour also reveals details that warm white light colours don’t reveal. Therefore, a neutral white light will support your working activities.


This is typical in environments such as offices, supermarkets, retail, household etc.


Daylight: >5300K

A daylight-white lighting is especially recommended for work spaces with specific tasks. This is because it is able to boost concentration and performance. It also provides the greatest contrast among all colours and ensures a high color rendering.


This is typical in environments such as hospitals, schools, industry, laboratories etc.

1500 K  Candlelight

3000 K  Household Lamp

3200 K  Sunrise/sunset

3400 K  Dusk/Dawn

4000 K Moonlight
5500 K  Midday Sun

6500-7500 K  Overcast sky

9000-12000 K  Clear Blue sky

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