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Restaurant and Bar Lighting


Restaurants and bars are hugely varied areas and require a large variety of light sources to make the lighting work effectively for the size and nature of the space in question. The role of the lighting also carries a significant influence as to how well the space can be enjoyed. Effective bar and restaurant lighting schemes, although quite different in their specific requirements, both demand creativity, flexibility and durability to ensure they are able to work.


Give consideration not just to your customers lighting needs (think low ambient lighting over a table for two, LED lighting around a bar for example) but to ensure your premises stands out from the crowd. We will help you come up with a lighting design and scheme to make your venue a fun and unique space to be in and make your space interact all the more effectively with yourself.


There is a vast array of lighting available today to ensure your restaurant or bar is different from the next. There is also no limit when it comes to looks and styles that are chosen. In recent times traditional, vintage, contemporary and industrial styles have all become highly popular in these venues; at SkiaLight, we are able to work to any style and design you may have in mind and create the ultimate space from which you can entertain in.


Overall, this is an area we know well in every fine detail. For example, we will advise you on the importance of achieving the right orientation to the colour rendering index (CRI) and right through to ensuring you have the right lighting contrast from daytime to evening lighting. Having statement lighting is one thing, though achieving the best possible illumination in your venue is what we will work hard to deliver for your venue.

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