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Wever Ducre – Every story needs a starting point. Theirs began in the early 80's, when a handful of young Belgians decided to start a lighting company. The name had to fit phonetically between both Flemish and French. During this process, they came upon a document that would play a decisive role in the company’s history: a roadmap, that explained in five points how to be successful in life – through hard work (WErklust), trust (VERtrouwen), and enthusiasm (ENthousiasme ), combined with courage (DUrf) and the necessary dose of creativity (CREativiteit). This has been their foundation and company philosophy, from then until now.


For a while now, Belgium have manufactured trendy lights that not only look great, but that also have compelling inner values. State-of-the-art LEDs that feel equally at home in a cosy attic apartment or in the hippest club in the city. Because they save space, resources, and offer greater quality of life. And that is exactly their core aim. Where do they get their inspiration? From people who share their passion for beautiful fittings and who attach just as much importance to appealing design as to high-quality construction.


Driven to this very day by their original core values, Wever & Ducré continues to develop lighting that provides ambiance and serenity to any space and room. They are an excellent choice for professional interiors as vast as car showrooms and shops, as well as private homes.


In terms of design, their fittings are characterised by a minimalist and somewhat understated aesthetic. Their passion for beauty compliments the innovation seen across their products. Classic designs of theirs include the Luna Round and Coro.


Overall, their lighting is incredibly user friendly and environmentally conscious. Technically very strong, they use only the best materials to achieve a very high quality product for the end user. In buying their products, you're buying into a brand which continues to develop and pioneer LED technologies.

Please contact Skialight to find more about the Wever Ducre architectural lighting range.

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