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Lightnet Architectural Lighting by SKIALIGHT

Lightnet Lighting

Lightnet is a specialist in professional building illumination and architectural lighting. More than 300 members of staff at 5 locations pursue the goal daily of inspiring Lightnet customers with aesthetic, functional and energy-efficient luminaires. With over 12,000 square metres of production area, this manufacturer is able to develop and produce a wide spectrum of high-quality luminaires for highly diverse applications.


The entire Lightnet range is noted for its systematic and convertible variety of shapes, enabling and offering high degrees of freedom for the creative lighting design. Although our product families have a different design vocabulary, they are all based on a overall stringent programme with a consistent concept. Lightnet really are a forward-thinking brand at the forefront of architectural lighting design.


You can custom create the look of your luminaire from one of our many different surface designs. You can choose from 24 colours, designs and from wood, metal, carbon, concrete and leather.


For some time now, Lightnet have been able to pioneer the potential of LED and its vital importance for the future of lighting, as well as sustainability. They currently employ a multidisciplinary team with extensive know-how and one of the most comprehensive LED production plants and assembly lines in Europe. They really have been able to go to the next level and manufacture their products to an incredibly high standard, custom to your projects requirements.

Please contact Skialight to find more about the Lightnet architectural lighting range.

Download Lightnet Lighting Catalogues

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