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Car Showroom Lighting


Showing your cars off in the best light is somewhat vital for any car dealer looking to show off their stock and create the perfect first impression. Intelligent LED lighting is an excellent investment and an important and worthwhile investment. Not only will your cars and their inner details be illuminated in a most effective manner, they will also be able to show of the brand of car so much more effectively too. There is nothing more pleasant than seeing an immaculately presented and well-lit car in a well lit showroom space.


The lighting within a car showroom or dealership is one of the most critical areas overall in how you can make a stand out impression. Within car dealership environments, high-quality lighting can play a significant role in generating sales.


Buying a car is a sensory experience and well-lit lighting should seamlessly shine down on the car, revealing its shape, colour, texture, and style. The sound of  the car doors opening, smell of the upholstery, or the glint of its paint can help seal the deal. Vehicles which have been cleaned to a high standard will always exude luxury. Light is the best way to hone in on these aspects.


High-quality showroom lighting can really help you stand out. Since car buying tends to expensive, ensure that your lighting is in keeping to this look and feel. Showroom lighting should comprise of both indirect and direct lighting and should have the right colour intensity, temperature, and colour rendering index. It’s recommended to use light fixtures that enhance colour perception. Use those with a colour rendering index of 90 or higher. The light source should also lessen glare to achieve the perfect visual effect.

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