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Lamp Lighting

Lamp Lighting has for 45 years been bringing its clients lighting projects to life, accounting for and working around the ever present lighting challenges incurred on projects around the world. They have made no end of projects possible, bring projects large and small to life from concept to reality.


Lamp are a brand wholly committed to honesty, durability, responsibility, and adaptability. Bringing design and engineering together as one makes a product suitable, providing order and comfort to interior and exterior architectural projects with exacting demands. They have been able to help in environments such as retail, offices, hospitality, and residential developments. Their lighting solutions are one’s which really do work.


They believe light lives in the space it illuminates and in the person working or living there. Whether creating a single luminaire or a complex project with hundreds of luminaires, it’s about the space in which the installation is to be integrated. It is their conviction expressed in each project and each meeting, with experts overseeing each stage from planning through to installation. From here, the results really will speak for themselves..


Innovation is a passion at the core of Lamp; delivering light in the most effective manner is what this company strives for. To continue to look ahead, this is why they have strong collaborations with design schools, institutes and associations. Every two years, since 2008, they have organized the Lamp Awards, to recognise outstanding uses of lighting, further underlining their passion for what they do.

Please contact Skialight to find more about the Lamp Architectural Lighting range.

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